Spring Projects - Cabana

Yesterday I talked about the hoop houses I'd like to build for the veggie garden.  Here's another project I'd like to get done before the weather gets really nice.

Cabana - I actually don't know what to call this project.  Originally it was going to be a pavilion, but I think it would be best to just cover the exciting deck.  If you are thoroughly confused, let me explain.

We built a small deck in 2006 to cover some tree stumps we couldn't grind down (it would have affected another tree).  We used these weird half wagon wheel things Gary rescued from someone who had a farm to make a trellis, but I've never really totally loved the look of it and it has begun to lean over the years.  Here's a picture right after it was built.

At first I wanted to make the deck larger and then cover it like a Pavilion you might see at a state park, but we would have to peak the roof a lot to get the snow to slide off on it's own. I am not about to be shoveling it off all winter.  With the size of the proposed deck, the proportions were just off and I didn't like the look once I sketched it out.  So instead, we are going to keep the existing deck, wash and stain it and cover it in a similar fashion as the picture below.
I found this photo online years ago, so I apologize for not being able to credit the original person.  It might have been on a garden forum, but I just can't remember.  Anyway, the roof will basically look the same, not sure if it will be shingled or metal to match the house.  I have a Sweet Autumn Clematis on each side already that grows up the wagon wheel trellis, so we will remove them and put up lattice.  I'd like to leave a space in the middle for a mosaic window on either side, but we'll see how that goes.

On the back side three years ago, I planted several berry bushes for the birds, so I don't envision covering the back with anything but possibly a railing similar to the above.  Our deck seems bigger than this one, so I think we'd have room for two nice sitting chairs and a small grill, which would make cooking easier when it rains, plus some planters if annuals.

Stay tuned for more projects. Pin It